shuffleboard chic!!

May 31st, 2013

Well hello there all you Hot & Healthy Mama’s.
My name is Cheryl and I blog over at Nap Time Is The New Happy Hour
and Lea has asked me to throw together an outfit for her upcoming weekend event of shuffle boarding!
How fun is that?!

Shuttfleboard Chic


It’s not everyday that one goes shuffle boarding so you will want to look your best and show off your hot moves.
Make sure you are armed with the necessities at your shuffle boarding event,
like your sunglasses and hat to keep the sun off your face and of course don’t forget your good ‘ol friend SPF.
Some comfy shoes like flats that you can play well in will defiantly benefit you.
And don’t forget to dress in a cool, breathable and easily to maneuver in outfit, but something that says, “hey I’m chic and trendy and here to kick some booty”.
So next time you are hitting the shuffle board court make sure you read over my tips and go for the gold!
Who ever said that shuffle boarding was for old people with long shorts and visors?!
Not this girl!
You can be chic in any sporting event you attend, all you gotta do is just put your fashionable mind to it.
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The Power of Juicing

May 24th, 2013

Until recently, I had two assumptions about a juicing cleanse. 1. It looked like a giant pain to implement. I did not want to go buy a juicer, plus all the ingredients and end up with something that tasted like dirty grass. No thanks. 2. I had seen options at health food stores but just looking at it made me feel hungry and bored. It wasn’t until I was at a girlfriend’s house that I stumbled upon the kind of juicing that was right up my alley. She pulled out these adorable mason jars (please note that I am a sucker for anything that comes in a mason jar) from the Intelligent Gourmet and I was instantly sold. I had purchased a one day juice cleanse within 2 hours. The Signature Detox Cleanse consists of 6 different juices, made fresh daily. Here’s how it went down…

6:30 am

No coffee allowed. Jumped right into the juice.

9:00 am

Like I said, juicing gets me a little excited…I drank half before I realized I should have taken the picture first. Energy high and not missing my caffeine!


11:00 am

 A teensie bit hungry by now but after I drank the juice I felt much better. My stomach was also making some strange noises but nothing that made me uncomfortable.

1:30 pm

I had two #4′s so I took this as my opportunity to take a break from the greens and drink this delicious looking light purple juice. It was AMAZING and it calmed my stomach.

4:00 pm

This is where it got tricky. I was a little irritable and hungry at this point in the day. I attribute this attitude mainly more towards PMS rather than the juice. I drank my 4:00 juice, made myself a hot water/lemon/honey concoction and felt much better. Moving on…

6:00 pm

 Last juice of the day and my FAVORITE! The soothing blend made it absolutely perfect for the last juice of the day. I did it!

So, here is what a one day cleanse did for me:

1. Slept straight through the night. I have not done that in over a year!

2. I was 3 pounds lighter on my scale. I did NOT do this to lose weight. I did this specifically for a system reboot but seeing those light numbers on the scale made my day!

3. Woke up with a massive amount of energy. This is important to note because I started my period the same day and usually cannot do much physically. I jumped out of bed, did my cardio and then went to a 1 hour Barre class. I was shocked at my energy level.

I would LOVE to do a juice cleanse once a week. That being said, I do not think all juices are created equal. I know this had such an impact on my system because of how the Intelligent Gourmet makes their juices. Their juice is same-day made with all organic ingredients. I think you can see by the pictures above how truly clean and healthy the juices look. Try it, and let me know what you think too!


The Intelligent Gourmet is located in Tampa, Florida. Click here to read about IG founder, Linda Baldwin and here to follow the Intelligent Gourmet on Facebook!  


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Current state of Undress

May 20th, 2013

I went to my children’s Spring Concert last week and was frankly appalled at everyone’s undressy state. People were wearing casual khaki shorts, flip-flops and one man was actually in his sweaty workout clothes. Ok, I know we live in Florida and that it was pushing 85 degrees outside BUT this does not give one license to dress in this manner. It was a 7:00 pm concert with a young orchestra playing in formal wear. We were not at a mid-afternoon, outside stinky Blues Fest. Unfortunately, this seems to be a disturbing theme I have noticed everywhere.

I was raised that you dress up when traveling, going for a doctor’s visit or if you are going to be seen by, well, anyone! Basically, if you head out the door make sure your bananas are together and looking sharp.

I am in full rebellion mode with this trend. I have decided to use this as an opportunity to up my fashion game. Honestly, who can say they feel sexier in a pair of flip flops versus a 3 1/2 inch nude heel?? NOBODY! So, while the rest of these people continue down this road of undress please know I will be strutting along beside you in my newest hi low maxi, sky high wedges and blown out hair!

H&H Readers: Have you noticed the same trend where you live or is this purely Florida based?


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Above the Barre

May 10th, 2013

I am a huge believer in consistently switching up your work-out routine. I had found myself in a bit of a fitness rut and felt I had to find something that would challenge my body in new ways.  Being half way through my ‘Year of the Butt’ and not totally on target, incorporating Barre into my fitness regimen seemed like a perfect fit…and it was! I have never seen results happen so quickly with my body. I am completely addicted to Barre!

To give my H&H Readers more information, I sat down for a Q&A with my incredible instructor and owner of Above The Barre Fitness, Maria Gerelus.

H&H: For those who don’t know, what exactly is a barre class?

MARIA: A Barre class is a total body, ultra results oriented workout. It is a combination of Pilates, yoga and therapeutic stretching all pulled together into one extremely intense hour. The method I teach is called BarreAmped. Pure Barre and The Bar Method have clients tucking their pelvis for most of the class. We insist on a very natural curve to the back so no strain and no stress on the body.

H&H: What type of physical result is typically seen in a Barre client?

MARIA: Results are realized not only on the outside but also on the inside. Posture improves, back and neck pain disappear, those who suffer from migraines have seen a lessening of occurrences, sleep is improved. Inches are lost and sizes are dropped. You feel empowered after a Barre class.

H&H: Can anyone participate in a Barre class?

MARIA: Yes. Though extremely intense, a Barre workout is extremely gentle on the body. There is no impact, nothing that can jar your joints or hurt you. I have clients from 15 all the way to 80. Anyone can do it and can stay with it forever.

H&H: How quickly will a newbie notice a difference in their body?

Most clients will see results within 4-6 visits in a 2 week time frame. I’m telling you it is amazing.

H&H: Explain, “If you are shaking, you are changing!”

MARIA: Small isometric movements and position holds are used to take your muscles to fatigue causing the body to shake and the shake causes the body to change very quickly. The result is a long lean muscle.

H&H: What is your favorite part about being a Barre instructor?

MARIA: I absolutely love this workout. I have been working out since I was 15. I am turning 52 this month and have never seen bodies change so quickly. I love that many of my clients who have given up on working out because they hate the gym scene have become addicted and come 3 to 5 times a week.

I love the community of woman that comes to my studios, all lovely and supportive. I love sharing this method and empowering my clients. I am always excited to see bodies change right before my eyes.


For Tampa Bay locals click here to follow Above The Barre on Facebook and here for  class schedules and locations. For my H&H Readers outside of the area, find the closest Barre studio and try it out! I promise, you will be hooked!


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