Coke gets ballsy

Jan 20th, 2013

I almost drove the car off the road when I saw the billboard revealing Coke’s new campaign. I could rant and rave about how this is all sorts of wrong but instead I am taking a lighter route. Here are a few slogans that I would like to see Coke utilize in this campaign…

It’s no secret:

Coke will make your kid fat.

Coke is devoid of any nutritional value.

Coke will rot your teeth.

Coke contains cancer causing chemicals.

Coke will make you a Type 2 diabetic.


*H&H Readers, please feel free to submit your own!*




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I don’t know about you but that holiday break was a long one!  The kids finally went back to school today.  I know all of us were ready to get back to our regular routines. It seemed especially drawn out this year because Grayson is going through some sort of growth spurt. He is crankier, whinier, and just down right more irritating than ever. Tennison, on the other hand, has been the polar opposite. Here are some shots from our Christmas vacation that pretty much sums it up…

She was singing, skipping and smiling the entire trip…

and then there’s Grayson.

I love this pic because she was running up behind me giggling and I just turned and snapped it. She would have posed for as many pictures as I wanted. On the flip side…

Grayson would not pose at all.

Little angel.

Little devil.

*Happy New Year, everyone!*


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the 35 year old face

Dec 12th, 2012

Maybe this should just be titled MY 35 year old face. Either way, I wanted to share with you everything I do to look closer to 30 (read 28) than 40 and it’s a lot. Please note that I am not suggesting that you have to or need to do the same. I am only letting you know what goes into my routine. By the way, I was carded twice last week so I think I may be doing something right…


- clean face immediately with witch hazel

- wash face with Obagi foaming face wash

- 3x weekly use Apricot Scrub to slough off dead skin

- apply Vitamin C 10% every. single. morning. I apply to neck and chest as well.

- sunscreen SPF 35, daily tinted moisturizer


- wash face again with Obagi Foaming Face Wash

- apply Obagi bleaching cream mixed with Retina (fights fine lines beautifully)

- apply Vivite Night Cream

- Latisse nightly on lashes and brows


- Botox to forehead, brows and crows feet (3 times a year)

- Juvederm filler around mouth and chin area (1 time a year)

- Intense Pulsed Light Treatment once a year to remove sun spots and improve blotchiness

Well, that’s the list ladies. Is there anything you do that I don’t? Let me know!

H&H Reader Tip: I know all of the products and procedures can really add up. Check out Dr. Farrior’s blog  and Facebook page starting tomorrow for 12 Days of Giveaways…Botox, Juvederm, Latisse and more!!!



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RTR – Holiday Edition

Nov 27th, 2012

Last year, I got lucky on the holiday party circuit. The parties where I had to bring the sparkle were all on the same day so I only needed one ‘fancy’ dress. This year, the parties are all spread out. Enter Rent the Runway. I have said it before and I will say it again, RTR never disappoints. Better yet, when you rent one stunner at full price they offer you a second for only $25. You can’t lose. Here is what I rented for the holidays plus a few of my favorites…

Party 1 dress - Elizabeth and James shift ($75 rental). I picked this one because of my height. I would not recommend this style for anyone under 5’6″.

*Tip – read the reviews! They are usually very accurate and helpful for accessorising.

Party 2 – Badgley Mischka sheath ($125 rental). I followed my own advice and let the reviews make up my mind on this dress. I know it is going to look amazing.  Added bonus – I already have shoes for both dresses!

Nicole Miller gown ($125 rental). Granted, this one is super dressy but would be absolutely perfect for a formal winter wedding.

Trina Turk No Strings Attached dress ($50 rental). I think this is a great look for a corporate holiday event. Sexy but not too revealing. Punch it up with a heavy yellow necklace.

Reem Acra New Years Eve dress ($350 rental). I consider this a complete statement dress. It’s a risk and expensive (retails at $2500) but you will be the standout at any party.

Kate Spade Citrus Pop Dress ($85 rental). This dress is not at all my style and that’s why I picked it. Step out of your style comfort zone and try new things. The only change I would make to this look is perhaps tying a wider, black satin belt around the middle.

*H&H Reader Tip: RTR has extended their Cyber Monday deals. All orders are 20% off today!


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