Current state of Undress

May 20th, 2013

I went to my children’s Spring Concert last week and was frankly appalled at everyone’s undressy state. People were wearing casual khaki shorts, flip-flops and one man was actually in his sweaty workout clothes. Ok, I know we live in Florida and that it was pushing 85 degrees outside BUT this does not give one license to dress in this manner. It was a 7:00 pm concert with a young orchestra playing in formal wear. We were not at a mid-afternoon, outside stinky Blues Fest. Unfortunately, this seems to be a disturbing theme I have noticed everywhere.

I was raised that you dress up when traveling, going for a doctor’s visit or if you are going to be seen by, well, anyone! Basically, if you head out the door make sure your bananas are together and looking sharp.

I am in full rebellion mode with this trend. I have decided to use this as an opportunity to up my fashion game. Honestly, who can say they feel sexier in a pair of flip flops versus a 3 1/2 inch nude heel?? NOBODY! So, while the rest of these people continue down this road of undress please know I will be strutting along beside you in my newest hi low maxi, sky high wedges and blown out hair!

H&H Readers: Have you noticed the same trend where you live or is this purely Florida based?

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Written by Lea Barlow2 Comments

2 Responses to Current state of Undress

    Casey Knapp Mon, May 20, 12:25pm


    Amen! I am expecting a boy in September and wont give up my fashion for sweats and tees just because I will be a mommy now!:)

    Hope all is well Lea!


    Ashley Vogt Wed, May 22, 4:10pm


    Same scene in Northwest Florida – I know we live by the beach but that doesn’t mean you can wear your swim coverup everywhere you go! and for crying out loud dress your children too! Totally with you on this one! Trying to teach my boys that the better they dress the better they will be treated – people form opinions at a glance and you don’t want to be a bum!

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