The Power of Juicing

May 24th, 2013

Until recently, I had two assumptions about a juicing cleanse. 1. It looked like a giant pain to implement. I did not want to go buy a juicer, plus all the ingredients and end up with something that tasted like dirty grass. No thanks. 2. I had seen options at health food stores but just looking at it made me feel hungry and bored. It wasn’t until I was at a girlfriend’s house that I stumbled upon the kind of juicing that was right up my alley. She pulled out these adorable mason jars (please note that I am a sucker for anything that comes in a mason jar) from the Intelligent Gourmet and I was instantly sold. I had purchased a one day juice cleanse within 2 hours. The Signature Detox Cleanse consists of 6 different juices, made fresh daily. Here’s how it went down…

6:30 am

No coffee allowed. Jumped right into the juice.

9:00 am

Like I said, juicing gets me a little excited…I drank half before I realized I should have taken the picture first. Energy high and not missing my caffeine!


11:00 am

 A teensie bit hungry by now but after I drank the juice I felt much better. My stomach was also making some strange noises but nothing that made me uncomfortable.

1:30 pm

I had two #4′s so I took this as my opportunity to take a break from the greens and drink this delicious looking light purple juice. It was AMAZING and it calmed my stomach.

4:00 pm

This is where it got tricky. I was a little irritable and hungry at this point in the day. I attribute this attitude mainly more towards PMS rather than the juice. I drank my 4:00 juice, made myself a hot water/lemon/honey concoction and felt much better. Moving on…

6:00 pm

 Last juice of the day and my FAVORITE! The soothing blend made it absolutely perfect for the last juice of the day. I did it!

So, here is what a one day cleanse did for me:

1. Slept straight through the night. I have not done that in over a year!

2. I was 3 pounds lighter on my scale. I did NOT do this to lose weight. I did this specifically for a system reboot but seeing those light numbers on the scale made my day!

3. Woke up with a massive amount of energy. This is important to note because I started my period the same day and usually cannot do much physically. I jumped out of bed, did my cardio and then went to a 1 hour Barre class. I was shocked at my energy level.

I would LOVE to do a juice cleanse once a week. That being said, I do not think all juices are created equal. I know this had such an impact on my system because of how the Intelligent Gourmet makes their juices. Their juice is same-day made with all organic ingredients. I think you can see by the pictures above how truly clean and healthy the juices look. Try it, and let me know what you think too!


The Intelligent Gourmet is located in Tampa, Florida. Click here to read about IG founder, Linda Baldwin and here to follow the Intelligent Gourmet on Facebook!  

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