The Year of the Butt

Nov 19th, 2012

I have decided that 35 is going to be the year I really rock my ass. I have made a pointed effort over the last 18 months to give it extra attention in my workouts and to an extent it has paid off. Now it is time to take it to the next level. Listen, I am never going to train like a professional. Most of us won’t. My butt will probably never look like the one pictured above but I can make sure that it always looks fantastic in a pair of jeans and not shameful in a bikini.

Here is what I am doing:

1. Sticking to my tried and true interval cardio. There is no faster way to make your ass look ‘skinny fat’ if you overdo the running. Don’t do it, ladies!

2. Adding weight. You have to lift weight to grow muscle – especially the glutes. As you know, I am a big fan of the kettlebell. I started movements with a 20 lb (wimpy and not effective enough) I then moved up to a 35 lb for about a year and this past month I have started using the 54 lb kettlebell. It’s a killer but the added weight makes a BIG difference.

Don’t be scared of using heavy weights. Here is what can happen if you don’t…

Skinny? Yes. Hot? Uh, no. 

3. Everyday commitment.  I do 90 movements every. single. day. I vary between swings, plie jumps and deadlifts. All heavily weighted. That is the key to a bangin’ booty.

*I will keep you posted on my posterior’s progress and want to hear what you all are doing too!* 



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Turning 35

Nov 8th, 2012

This birthday is going to be one I look back on with the most relevance. I had sort of been dreading today. It’s not that I don’t love birthdays. They are actually my favorite days to celebrate. I think everyday above ground is a good one. But the real reason I was not at all excited is because the first part of my thirties didn’t turn out like they were supposed to. Boo-hoo for me. I had a vision when I turned 30 of how my life was going to progress and it disintegrated. Let me explain…

Grayson was born in August of 2008. That was the time of the stock market crash. My husband is in the financial industry so you can probably guess the stress level in our house. We stabilized. We were hit again. We stabilized. Another set-back. Held steady. Boom. Bust. You get the picture. For the entire year of 2011 I physically felt like someone had their hands around my neck. Squeezing. Fun times, huh? I worried for our future constantly. I was living in fear. Paralyzing fear.  I was waiting for the outcome of others to determine the path of MY life. Big mistake. Huge. (In case you didn’t catch it – that was a Pretty Woman reference).

I don’t feel the fear anymore. My pity party is over. I have control of the direction of my future no matter what goes on around me. Yes, there will always be setbacks but they will no longer paralyze me. I have never felt more love for my family or more confidence in myself than I do now. I am forever changed and I owe that to the difficult experiences over the past few years. So 35 will forever be known as the year of becoming FEARLESS. Happy birthday to me.



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Hunter Love

Oct 30th, 2012

My absolute must have boot this season is a pair of Hunter rubber boots. I have seen them year after year beautifully displayed on the wall of the Nordstrom shoe department yet have never been compelled to buy a pair. But I am turning 35 next week and figured it was about time I owned some rubber boots. Now I am completely obsessed about what color to buy and which socks to match them with. Take a look at how incredibly sexy, rugged and chic these boots manage to look all at once…

It does rain a lot in Florida PLUS they would be perfect for the soggy football fields.

So adorable with shorty-shorts.

For when I am channeling my inner prepster.

DYING for this look.

Wearing them may finally motivate me to refinish that table I keep putting off, right?

We live on the water now so a pair of Hunter boots is most likely mandatory.

Can you say timeless?

Yep, Tennison will be getting her own pair as well.


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Obagi System Giveaway!

Oct 26th, 2012

Thank you to the wonderful staff at Farrior Facial Plastic Surgery Center for today’s awesome giveaway!

I have been using Obagi products for the last two years and couldn’t be happier with the results. The Obagi Condition & Enhance System is the leading skincare program that works at the cellular level for skin that looks and acts younger and healthier. The set contains full size products and comes with a brochure that has explicit details about its ingredients and use. It is important to follow the correct order of use exactly for the best results.

The system includes:
-1 Foaming Gel  (6.7 fluid oz.200 ml)
-1 Toner  (6.7 fluid oz./200 ml)
-2 Clear  (2 oz/60 gram)
-1 Exfoderm Forte  (2 oz/60 gram)
-1 Blender (2 oz/60 gram)
-1 Healthy Skin Protection SPF 35  (3 fluid oz/90 ml)
-Patient Personal Guide to Transformation

This giveaway is valued at $435!

Good Luck! Good Luck! Good Luck!

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