Name: Kristen Blake

Kids: Madeline (16) Makaela (14 when she passed in 2004)

Occupation: Image Concierge/Fashion Stylist/Founder of Novella Style Group

Hometown: Tampa, Florida

H&H Interview with Kristen:

1.  What are your top 5 wardrobe essentials?

Shoes, Shoes, Shoes… oops, wait that is 3 things. Truly there are traditional essentials that should be in every wardrobe. One great fitting pair of jeans is always better than several that fit you so-so. A little black dress, though these days we are seeing a lot of variations to the LBD such as red, navy etc. A crisp and well fitting white button down dress shirt. The best quality in a black pump you can afford. And don’t forget a versatile handbag that can move from day to night, and without a doubt accessorize!

2.  What style advice do you have for new moms stuck in a fashion rut?

Spend an afternoon with me… seriously, I have found through my years in the business that making a small change that is just for you, such as a new haircut or a trip to the cosmetic counter can boost your self confidence and ultimately your outlook on your appearance. The smallest change can give you the boost you need to take your authentic style to the next level.

3.  What is the oldest thing in your closet?

Traditionally in my family the youngest daughter will receive a wedding set that has been passed down for over 200 years. Madeline cannot wait for them to be hers.

4.  What do you think was the all-time worst fashion trend?

Hands down any type of overall that is worn by someone over the age of 1. They are simply not flattering, regardless of your physique.

5.  What would we be surprised to find in your purse?

Food! I always have food in my purse. I think it comes from being the parent of a diabetic child. Makaela had to eat often and it is a habit that stuck with me. A healthy snack is just the thing to keep me going during a long day!

6.  What is your favorite reality TV show?

I have to admit I am a total “Housewives” junkie, that is until “All on the Line” premiered with Joe Zee from Elle Magazine. It portrays the fast paced and often cruel fashion industry for young and up and coming designers. They are given one day, one chance to impress one of the most influential men in fashion. I’m obsessed.

7.  What is the funniest thing your kids have said or done lately?

Madeline is getting close to heading off to college. One day while we were discussing her future plans she looked at me completely defeated wanting to know what she was supposed to do with me. Is it to early to put you in a home? She asked. I laugh every time I think of that.

8.  What is your favorite quotation?

“Fashion Fades, Style is Eternal.” Yves St. Laurent. To me that quote embodies the entire reason I do what I do for a living. Watching my clients tap into their inner beauty and authentic self is so fulfilling.

9.  What is your guilty pleasure when you get a little coveted ‘me’ time?

I am an avid reader. I can escape to another world, another time and completely lose myself in the story. And what little girl didn’t love Cinderella, profound effect on my career choice. Cinderella is liberated from the wicked stepmother by designer footwear. Priceless.

10.  Who is your favorite celebrity mom style icon and why?

Gwen Stephani is a complete inspiration. Besides being a mother she is also a singer, songwriter and designer of L.A.M.B (Love, Angel, Music,Baby). She is not afraid to be herself and express herself with her style and her music.

11.  What is one thing most people don’t know about you?

I was born with a 3” difference in my legs and wore hip to toe casts beginning at age one until almost 3. I am very fortunate that the condition was caught at an early age.

12.  What is your secret to staying Hot & Healthy?

Laughter is truly the best medicine. And of course high heels!

*Thanks, Kristen!*

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Written by Lea Barlow7 Comments

7 Responses to Hot Mama of the Week: Kristen Blake

    Madeline Smith Hilton Mon, Jun 13, 10:43am



    I am truly inspired by who you were, who you are, and who you always will be! I am so incredibly fortunate that I have a Mother that is so inspiring, as well as fashionable! I get most of my outfits from you, and I am appreciative of the mere fact to have such an icon in my life. I don’t know what I would do without you. You have shown me that fighting for your dream is the best decision to make, and you have given me the strength to fight for mine! I am so proud of you, and what you have accomplished, and what you will accomplish. Words can’t express everything I wish to say, but you pretty much know it all. (Just like Moms always do) I love the article and it is FABULOUS, just like you!

    I love you with all my heart.

    Love your little girl,

    Madeline Smith Hilton

    Heather Sell Mon, Jun 13, 5:08pm


    Great article, Kristen! Congrats girl!

    Rana Mohammadian Tue, Jun 14, 12:51pm


    Congrats on this Kristen! I loved it! And you look amazing in your photos :)


    Connie Smith Tue, Jun 14, 4:46pm


    Adorable picture of you and Maddie, and wonderful article! Also, a very sweet response from Madeline. Good for you gal! We hope all of your future dreams come true and that you have much success in your business.

    Much love,

    Connie & Ron

    Rhiannon Wed, Jun 15, 12:31pm


    Love it!! my second mommy right here.. you are amazizng! love you death xoxo Rhi

    Belinda Smith Sun, Jun 19, 10:45pm


    Kristen you are a true inspiration to what a Hot and Healthy mom should be! You balance fashion, hotness and class very well! Congrats…. well said on the Shoes shoes shoes!

    Belinda Smith

    Keith Hooper Tue, Jun 21, 1:45pm


    It is an honor to know both Kristen and Madeline. Kristen is such a driven and strong woman. Those same qualities are also held by Madeline. They both have a great sense of humor and to see the interact with each other is something to see. I wish them both continued success in everything they do.

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