shuffleboard chic!!

May 31st, 2013

Well hello there all you Hot & Healthy Mama’s.
My name is Cheryl and I blog over at Nap Time Is The New Happy Hour
and Lea has asked me to throw together an outfit for her upcoming weekend event of shuffle boarding!
How fun is that?!

Shuttfleboard Chic


It’s not everyday that one goes shuffle boarding so you will want to look your best and show off your hot moves.
Make sure you are armed with the necessities at your shuffle boarding event,
like your sunglasses and hat to keep the sun off your face and of course don’t forget your good ‘ol friend SPF.
Some comfy shoes like flats that you can play well in will defiantly benefit you.
And don’t forget to dress in a cool, breathable and easily to maneuver in outfit, but something that says, “hey I’m chic and trendy and here to kick some booty”.
So next time you are hitting the shuffle board court make sure you read over my tips and go for the gold!
Who ever said that shuffle boarding was for old people with long shorts and visors?!
Not this girl!
You can be chic in any sporting event you attend, all you gotta do is just put your fashionable mind to it.
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