Name: Jaime Perry

Kids: Dean (6), Blaire (3)

Occupation: Middle School Counselor

Hometown: Chico, Ca

H&H Interview with Jaime:

1.  What inspired you to begin training for your first bodybuilding competition?

I had been competing in triathlons for the past two years and after the second season, was extremely frustrated that my body had not changed at all!  I was more active at that point that I had ever been in my life.  I decided I was going to lose body fat instead of pounds.  As I gathered more research on fat loss, I continued to come across bodybuilders and figure competitors.  Then, I asked myself, “what do THEY do to look the way they do??” I hired my trainer, Valerie Cota with VIP Factor Personal Training and from the moment my body started to transform, I knew I was meant to compete.  I was inspired by the hundreds of photos that I came across, and I so badly wanted to achieve that physique.

2.   How did training for the competition change your everyday diet?

I spent the first few months just learning how to eat right.  I had really bad eating habits prior to learning how to Eat Clean.  That being said, my diet changed dramatically, for the better!  I quickly learned how to eat more often (every 2 to 3 hours) and to eat MORE!   Before Eating Clean, I would go all day without eating and once I got home from work, I would devour anything in sight!  Looking back, it was such a bad habit and it was one of the reasons my body wasn’t changing.   I also went from arriving to work with NO food in hand, to now bringing a HUGE bag of food to work.  By the end of the work day it is all gone, and it is all good for me!  As the competition grew closer, my diet became more strict and regulated.  There were things that were eliminated and things that were reduced.  The great thing about it all, is that it was doable.  I’ll admit that it was boring, and daunting some days, but I cannot wait to do it again!!!

3.   What is your go-to ‘Cheat Day’ treat?

Honestly, I don’t cheat that much.  What I consider a cheat, would probably not be what someone else would consider a cheat. Chips and Salsa are definitely something I love to snack on, but have to limit of course.   Most recently though, after the competition, I did indulge in some Flipz (chocolate covered pretzels) that my girlfriends gave me!  They were SO good!!!

4.   How do you instill the importance of an active lifestyle with your family?

Our kids have always been involved in our active lifestyle.  For example, they have attended several of my triathlons as well as my husbands.  We have participated in local running events as a family and they love going to the gym with us!  The most important thing that I incorporated into the family was the healthy lifestyle in terms of diet.   My kids were not big fans of vegetable before, but now they are not afraid to try new things or eat their veggies!!

5.   What is your guilty pleasure when you get a break from the kids?

Reality TV!!!  Specifically, any of the Real Housewives series, but my favorite being the Orange County group!!  Not something I’m proud of, but I love the escape it provides from the day to day demands.  There is something intriguing about watching someone else’s problems, and being grateful they’re not your problems!!!

6.   What would we be most surprised to find in your purse?

Listerine White Strips!  Hey, you never know when you may need to brighten up your smile!

7.   What is the funniest thing your kids have said or done lately?

The funniest thing my daughter said lately, was that I looked like a “brown monster” the day of my competition.  I am naturally very fair skinned, so for her to see me with a deep dark tan, was alarming to her!  She never quite got use to it, and she asked me to wash it off!  Ironically, on the day of the competition I was feeling very beautiful and powerful, so for her to say that kind of surprised me!   I didn’t take it personal though. You have to love their brutal honesty and not take it too seriously.

8.   What is your favorite quotation?

“If it were easy, everyone would be doing it!”  I know it sounds so cliché, but it is so true!  I have to remind myself of this quote when things get tough or challenging in the gym or elsewhere, that it is supposed to be tough!  It’s not supposed to be easy!

9.   What songs are top on your iPod playlist right now?

My #1 song right now is Katy Perry’s Firework song!  I know it may sound silly, but that song and the lyrics have been the driving force many a day as the motivation to reach the competition stage.  Other songs that are on my playlist are On the Floor by J-Lo, Right Now by Van Halen and Don’t Stop Believin’ by Journey.  These are either songs that motivate by their lyrics or by their upbeat tempo.

10.  Who is your favorite celebrity mom and why?

My favorite celebrity mom is Kelly Ripa, hands down!  I admire her for a few reasons.  Before I decided to do the competition, I always looked at Kelly Ripa and was amazed at how she transformed her body from the way she looked during her soap opera days, to the way she looks now.  I always wondered HOW she changed her entire physique??  HOW can someone appear so different, almost like a different person??  After going through my own transformation, now I know!  She amazes me with her work ethic surrounding the many jobs she holds, as well as the amazing mom and wife that she is!  On top of all of that, she has an incredible positive energy about her that I admire!

11.  What is one thing most people don’t know about you?

Some people know this, but most people probably don’t know that I am a huge worrier.  I have gotten better (somewhat) as I have gotten older, but I worry about little things as well as big things.  I worry about my kids, my husband, being on time, being late, etc…   I try to be aware of it, and tell myself not to worry and enjoy the experience, whatever it may be.  Life is too short, and I don’t want to waste my time with unnecessary thoughts.

12.  What is your secret to staying Hot & Healthy?

My secret to staying Hot and Healthy is taking the time for myself, and being selfish at times to take care of myself.  Often times as moms, we think we are putting ourselves first, but the majority of the time, we really aren’t.   Now that my kids are at ages that they are more self-sufficient, I see the importance of taking care of myself FOR my kids!  I want to be the best person for them and my husband, because in the end, we all win!!  I don’t feel guilty taking time out for girl time, or getting a pedicure, or going shopping by myself.  It’s important that we don’t lose our identity, but instead honor ourselves by taking care of ourselves.

*Thanks, Jaime!*

Top photo courtesy of Mike Byerly Photography


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Name: Laura London

Kids: Samantha 17, Brian 13 and Kayla 11

Occupation: Health & Wellness Coach, Fitness Model, Personal Trainer, Business Owner , Mother of 3

Hometown: Boca Raton, FL

H&H Interview with Laura:

1. What advice do you have for moms to help them stay motivated with their fitness goals?

My advice would be to have a vision and a plan.  Planning is the most important step in reaching your goals.  Write down your goals, like a staircase take small steps. When you reach one cross it off and move up the steps to the next one.

Believe that you can achieve your fitness goals and you will.  Change your mindset to always be positive, throw out any negative thoughts in your head.

One thing I like to do is hang a calendar on the fridge and cross off everyday that I exercise with a big red marker.  This gives you a visual and motivation to keep crossing off those days.

2.  What are the top 3 items in your grocery cart?

Oatmeal, Broccoli and Organic Chicken.

3.  What is your guilty pleasure when you get a break from the kids?

The Spa is my guilty pleasure. I love to have a facial.  When I am done,  I am so relaxed it was like taking a mini vacation.  It is so important for women to make time for themselves.

4.  What would we be surprised to find in your purse?

A pink Kookie Pen, 4 types of gum.  I also collect positive fortunes from Fortune Cookies and keep them in my wallet!

5.  What is your favorite reality TV show?

My favorite reality TV show would have to be Dancing with the Stars.   There are so many reality shows with a negative message. Dancing with the starts is fun, entertaining and makes you smile.  The contestants work very hard and inspire the viewers to get up off the couch and dance!

6.  What is your go-to ‘Cheat Day’ treat?

I have two favorite Cheat Day treats pizza and chocolate.  A girls gotta live…

7.  What is the funniest thing your kids have said or done lately?

My kids ask me to flex my muscles for their friends.  They like to show off their “buff”mom.

8.  What is your favorite quotation?

There are actually two.  The first one is “Motherhood is a Sport”.  I love this saying!!! and “Follow your dreams because you never know where they will take you”

9.  What songs are top on your iPod playlist right now?

My top five are:

1.  Just Can’t Get Enough – Black Eyed Peas

2.  On the Floor – Jennifer Lopez & Pitbull

3.  Club Can’t Handle Me – Flo Rider

4.  Just the Way Your Are – Bruno Mars

5.  Don’t Stop Believing – Journey

10. Who is your favorite celebrity mom and why?

My favorite celebrity mom is Jennifer Nicole Lee.  She is a shining example of someone who has shed her “fat suit” and transformed her life.  She is a mother of two busy boys and also runs a fitness empire that she created with hard work and determination.  She leads by example and lives the fitness lifestyle.

11. What is one thing most people don’t know about you?

I used to be very shy and found it hard to hold conversations with people.  Fitness has drawn me out of my shell, given me confidence to talk with anyone and I am having so much fun.  I am not “shy” anymore, I even make my own YouTube videos for the world to see.  Big change!

12. What is your secret to staying Hot & Healthy?

The “biggest” secret I have and to share with Hot and Healthy mom’s is to eat the best quality food you can find.  Your body knows what to do with “real food from Mother Nature”.  Get rid of the processed food and your body will love you forever!!

*Thanks, Laura!*


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Name: Corey DePappa

Kids: Ansley – 2 years old

Occupation: Part-time third grade teacher, NYR Organic Consultant, Photographer

Hometown: Belleair, Florida

H&H Interview with Corey:

1.  What are the top 3 items in your grocery cart?

Almond butter, Ezekiel bread and Quinoa

2.  What are you reading (honestly)?

Right now I am reading ‘The Bucolic Plague’ – Josh Kilmer-Purcell’s Farm Memoir.  I have been a fan of The Fabulous Beekman Boys and their chic way of sustainable living.  The fact that it is a memoir also ranks it high on my list.  I am LOVING this book!

3.  What is your guilty pleasure when you get a little coveted ‘me time’?

I honestly find it difficult to figure out what to do with ‘me’ time when I have it but if I do, I enjoy lounging in my backyard and taking an occasional dip in the pool.  It seems to freeze time and make me feel so care-free and relaxed!

4.  What would we be surprised to find in your purse?

I have a pretty typical ‘mom’ purse with just about everything I need to get through the day.  Sanitizer, lip gloss, wipes and my Starbucks card are essentials!

5.  What is your favorite movie and why?

I am a sucker for love stories and musicals so in my world, the perfect marriage of the two is “Moulin Rouge.”  It is one that I could watch time and time again!

6.  What is your most dreaded household chore?

I actually really enjoy cleaning my house but if I never had to do laundry again, I wouldn’t complain!  Laundry is just a never-ending and monotonous cycle.

7.  What is the funniest thing your daughter has said or done lately?

Ansley has been quite proud of her manners lately and a few nights ago she had been ‘asleep’ in her room for a good 30-45 minutes when I sneezed and to my surprise, “bless you mommy!” came from her quiet room!  When I didn’t respond, a few moments later and a little louder, “bless you mommy!” was repeated.  I finally thanked her and she politely ended with, “welcome!”

8.  What is your favorite quotation?

“Home is where the heart is.”  I know it isn’t a fabulously mind-blowing quote but to me, it says it all.  With the hustle and bustle that we all deal with on a daily basis, it is important to remember what really matters in life; family.  Whenever I am feeling out of my element or overwhelmed, I remind myself that I am incredibly blessed with an extraordinary husband and daughter.  I am also a part of an incredible family that stretches from a couple of miles down the road to the mountains of East Tennessee.  Regardless of what I face, in my mind, my life is perfect because of my family.

9.  What songs are top on your iPod playlist right now?

Anything by Jamie Cullum!  His playlist is must for the start of my day.  My music choice is all about my mood so it could be anything from Alan Jackson to Vampire Weekend to Michael Jackson to Elton John!

10. Who is your favorite celebrity mom and why?

I have to be honest that I don’t keep up enough with E! and People magazine to say I have a favorite celebrity mom.  I couldn’t imagine trying to balance that type of stardom with being a mommy!  More power to those who can do it!

11. What is one thing most people don’t know about you?

I have always dreamed of living on a farm.  We have worked on making the best use of our space for gardening but if I could have the chickens, goats and a plethora of our own home-grown food, I would be in heaven!  I know many would think I will avoid getting my hands a little dirty at all cost but actually, there is nothing I love more than going outside and tending to our flowers, fruits, vegetables and herbs.  There is something very rewarding and peaceful about being part of mother nature.

12. What is your secret to staying Hot & Healthy?

If I have to sum up my lifestyle I would say I try to keep healthy balances as much as possible both physically and emotionally.  We don’t limit ourselves to organic leafy greens and carrots but we do make a conscious effort to eat as healthy and organic as possible.  I recently got hooked on Hot Yoga and that has been a nice way to get some physical exercise into my routine in addition to running around with Ansley J I also find that balancing my time with being a teacher, a mommy and a wife simultaneously is challenging but crucial.  My emotional well-being directly affects my physical well-being.  Balance is key!


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Name: Laura Hunt

Kids: Kylie (18), Brii (17)

Occupation: Image Consultant/Wardrobe Stylist /Fashion Reporter

Hometown: St. Petersburg, Florida

H&H Interview with Laura:

1. What are your top 5 wardrobe essentials?

Every woman should have the following basics in her closet year round:  a little black dress, crisp white button down shirt, black pumps, nude pumps and a great pair of jeans.

2. What style advice do you have for new moms stuck in a fashion rut?

Hire me! Ok, just kidding. I tell new moms to take the time to pick up fashion magazines so when they get that little break, they can peruse the pages to help inspire them. If you surround yourself with pure “baby things” all day long, it is easy to forget about yourself. After you feel that kick of style inspiration, shop your closet. If you have items that you feel you will never wear again, get rid of them. Keep what you will still use and then coordinate outfits that make you feel good. Some women wait to lose the baby weight before buying new clothes. This is not the right thing to do. You should always own clothes that fit well and look good no matter what your current size is. If you need to buy a few new things to fit your body while you lose weight, do so. It feels amazing when those new clothes start becoming too big for you. Once they do, donate or sell them and get yourself some new items that fit your new size!

3. What is your guilty pleasure when you get a little coveted ‘me’ time?

Sneaking away to the beach with a good book is one of my favorite ‘me’ things to do. When I tell my friends, “I will be out of the country washing my hair” they know it means I am sneaking away to take a break from everything. And sometimes, I REALLY AM out of the country washing my hair!

4. What would we be surprised to find in your purse?

Hmmm. Not sure about this one. A pocket dictionary maybe? Those who know me well would not be surprised because they all know I love words. I’m a self-proclaimed word geek of sorts. I embrace my geekitude.

5. What is your favorite reality TV show?

I actually don’t watch television, but I will catch old episodes of “Project Runway” or “ANTM” on the Internet occasionally.

6. What is your cocktail of choice?

I’m a fan of full-bodied red wine. On a really hot day, I love a good mojito.

7. What is the funniest thing your kids have said or done lately?

My girls are constantly making me laugh. They recently told me that when they were little they felt sorry for me because they thought I didn’t have any style because I didn’t match my socks to my shirt like they always did. And I didn’t have headbands and bows to match my dresses. Now they look at photos and ask me, “why did you dress us that way?”

8. What is your favorite quotation?

“A woman should be two things: Classy and Fabulous!” -Coco Chanel

9. What is your most dreaded household chore?

I loathe doing laundry. It isn’t so much the sorting, washing and drying. No. It’s the folding and putting away.

10. Who is your favorite celebrity mom style icon and why?

Heidi Klum. Not only is she a mother of four children and looks absolutely amazing, she is an extremely smart business woman. I respect both sides of Heidi; her hard-working entrepreneurial side and the loving, kind mother side who adores all children, not just her own.  I also love that she and her husband Seal renew their wedding vows every single year. Some may think that is a bit much, but I find it enormously romantic. What a way to keep things alive!

11. What is one thing most people don’t know about you?

I’m extremely expressive and pretty much an open book so there isn’t much people don’t know about me. I guess one thing people might not know is that there was a time in my life (long ago) that I wanted to be a meteorologist or study atmospheric science instead of fashion.

12. What is your secret to staying Hot & Healthy?

Eating healthy and exercise are obvious answers, but so important.  My biggest secret, however, is being positive and surrounding myself with positive people. Negativity will age you faster than too much sun exposure will!

*Top photo of Laura courtesy of Anne’ Phillips Photography


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